Friday 6 February 2015

GSoC meetup 2015, Delhi, India

Google Summer of Code meetup 2015 was organized by +Heena Mahour  , +Ayush Gupta in association with +GDG DTU  and +WomenWhoCode at +Delhi Technological University (Formerly DCE) on 31st January, 2015. 

GSoC MeetUp 2015 was an opportunity to learn from past and present GSoC students who have actively contributed to open source projects all over the world. The meetup also provided great information for budding developers who are ready to get their hands dirty and contribute to real world projects.

It all started when +Heena Mahour  and +Ayush Gupta decided its time to give back and help others by providing a platform about the open source projects, organizations and get an exposure by other speakers as well.

So, with the help of our team members like +Minhaz A V , +Jigyasa Grover+Garvit Khatri+Ekta Goel and others, we made a website : to let the attendees know about the details of GSoC meetup. We also created a speakers form for letting us know about the interested speakers.

The Google Open Source Programs Office graciously provided pens, diaries and stickers for the event. To make the speaker sessions more interactive, we distributed the goodies based on participation in a Q&A session after each talk. This also ensured that attendees listened intently to each speaker. The attendees were quite energetic as well ! 

For the meetup, we had over 8 speakers

As you can see in my tweet, we provided a meetup itinerary : 

GSoC students and mentors presented a talk about their experience so far with their organizations. 

It all started with a introductory session about the open source technologies and about version control. 

It was followed by talks about +Mifos Initiative , +The KDE Community , i.e., +Heena Mahour 's experience with porting plasmoids with +Marco Martin during GSoC 2013, as a mentor and administrator in +Google Code-in  and Season of KDE ( Thanks to +Aleix Pol  and +Lydia Pintscher for being the source of inspiration ! ) . It was followed by a talk about +OWASP , IDI by +Minhaz A V , +Ayush Gupta  and +dhruv jagetiya , about +jMonkeyEngine by +Mayank Sharma and crystal space by +Naman Gupta 

We would like to pay special thanks to +Indus Valley Partners+Gurvinder Singh and +Mohanish Singh for taking time from their busy schedule and provide a talk on stratus by +Manjinder Singh  and +Sahil Singla .

At the end, there will be a Q&A round for an interactive session. 

The main purpose for holding this event is to gather present and past gsocers at a single location along with other open source enthusiasts and offer an opportunity to share our experiences with each other.

We hope that the meetup will attract many new students to GSoC and the world of open source coding. A big thanks to all of our speakers and attendees!

-By Heena Mahour
Google Code In KDE admin team | Season of KDE admin team | Google Summer of code developer | Google Code In mentor | Season of KDE developer | Women who code delhi co-founder and organizer ( ) 

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